Monday, 8 February 2010

Wonderland and Bolt

Hey guys, figured I may aswell start this thing, since i've had it for ages... hmmm don't know what to write. I'm really happy that March is finally here! It may just be my 2nd favourite month ever, it's much better than February anyway, which is my least favourite month (it's even spelt retardedly!) And Alice in Wonderland is out tomorrow :) although I won't see it till next wed earliest, I watched the disney one on the 1st, it's still awesome. You probably really don't care much for my babbles, so heres a lil doodle bob I drew about 15 mins ago in honour of the story.

It's my favourite character, the Cheshire cat. I used to have a lil cheshire cat of my own...

Text reads his quote from the Disney film:
"You may have noticed that i'm not all there... myself"


I seem to have a thing for Disney Pixar dogs, Bolt in particular, I really love him!

There wasn't much point making a new post for this; I don't really want it at the top of my page, as i'm not 100% happy with it. Anddd I lie it wasn't totally from memory, I stared at Bolt for about 10 minutes, then drew him, then tried to correct any errors, but im already quite familiar with how he looks. The pose is entirely my own, and I had no reference for Mr Carrot. Still, gona try and get some more practise sketching Bolt as he's quite fun to draw.

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