Friday, 19 March 2010


After almost giving up completely on this bloody poster, I somehow got back in the game and made this brain out of tape... and no that's not pencil mark guidlines you see!

And heres the brain inside a mental person.... yes i know his head isnt right but thats what photoshop is for.

Speaking of brains, mine feels just about ready to combust. I've came to accept that i'm probably not gonna get the best of grades for this brief... but argh there's so much to do! I don't think its humanly possible to get it alll done within the time limit AND get a really good grade....

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Samsung Jet

It's been pretty hectic since Thursday night upon which i left my beloved samsung in a taxi and tried everything possible to retrieve it! Overall though things worked out for the better; new phone with more call time messages and unlimited internet, tons more memory, and best of all I have a new number so no more texts from stalkers (thank god) :) Anyone who's spoken to me recently will know my thoughts on Alice in wonderland so lets not go into it! At the end of the day I had to see it for myself to judge, so it wasn't a complete waste. Although we did get fireworks thrown at us near cineworld (missing by about 2 feet!) which just makes me believe even more that wolves is much much worse than sunny Stoke on Trent! Was good having 3 baths however :) I saw this cheetah in the bubbles, been dying to draw him all day haha... I should really get some uni work done.

Did I mention I sort of met the guy who designed the models for Tim Burton's corpse bride? Oh and heres an Ancient Assyrian I drew a while back... lol, random.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Insane in the Brain

Welll... 2 days of blogging and I still have no followers... although profile views have gone up by a lot since the 2 I had from myself yesterday haha, loser. Anywayy you may be wondering what i've been doing at uni (or not) and the answer to that question is; i've been breaking cassette tapes.

Heres where it all started, and although this was just messin about, this is my favouriteeeeeee because it's the most fun!
How many letters can you count?

Alright smart arse how bout now?

And now to start the actual work... I rate the image below with a big fat BLERGH


First plan for poster on Insane in the Brain, which is a street dance production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest (awesome film) Oh by the way it now says 'Conform' for those of you who aren't good at reading tape.

Well that's enough work for one day, I'm off to get drunk.... Super Super Friday :)