Friday, 23 July 2010


My camera leads missing n i reallly cba to find it so pics a bit crappy but attempted another cartoon Angelo... hm, it's okay. Was a bit difficult to draw with him batting the pencil around lol :) he attacks everything that moves, its cute.

And then decided to fresco him because, i duno.

OH, and for anyone who's spent most of this year underground, Toy story 3 is finally here. And it is incredible and you need to watch it. NOW. in 3D.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


BEST birthday ever, it was amazing! Celebrated it twice, once in stafford and stoke with uni friends and again back home (babylon!!) Got some awesome handmade cards, go look on my facebook summer folder ok wait i dont know it, just search my name! they're so funny! That alone made it amazing, and i already felt like the luckiest, happiest person alive! so just imagine how ecstatic i was when my bro and danni turned up at my house with this gorgeous little thing:

He's so wonderful, i've named him Angelo. Hes completely insane and so soooo hyper! I tried to cartoonize him but its not a millionth as cute, i'll do a better one when i have more time as my friend is coming to visit him in a moment and i need to tidy up :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Night owling has its benefits...

Found this pretty lil moth with a damaged wing in my bathroom at half 3 in the morning, poor thing:

Was dead cute, quite photogenic too.

God i'm almost 20 :(

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Took the vid off cause i'm not sure if its okay to put stuff other people made on here... not that it would be troublesome but like, copyright n all that. So heres the link anyway, to the only stop motion that has impressed me in quite sometime:

sexy right? wish we could do something cool like that for animation, instead of this stupid morphe thing. so far i've got a nun turning into a carrot and a church turning into steve irwin, because hey, if you're gona hav
e to do something you really don't wana do, you may aswell make it as interesting as possible. speaking of interesting as possible, redyed my hair yesterday and it is like twice as light and ginger as before now, i love it soooooo much. why the hell didn't think of this sooner?!

This bloody animation is taking forever, so i have no work to put on here. So instead, here is a picture of my cat:

Pretty boy :)

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The only way to get it right is to first completely fuck it up!

Watercolour is not the right medium to paint small detailed things with, but I thought that if I was actually able to paint something really detailed using watercolour, it would make painting other things seem easy. However, there was one completely overlooked flaw in this plan; if I WAS already able to paint something hard using paint completely unsuited for the job, then there would be no point in doing all this to begin with. Therefore I am not sad that I can't as of yet paint a decent dragonfly:

Yes im copying from a photograph, which is baaaaaaad. But since i'm only doing it to practise painting so it's sorta okay. It's the thorpe park dragonfly! (Thorpe park is incredible, go there!)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Painting is... FUN?

It's weird, i've made very little progress since yesterday, but so far haven't gotten stressed out or annoyed at all, which is a huge achievment. In fact, this is kinda fun. I'm just sorta trying to teach myself to paint now, learning by doing, as tutorials and "how to" guides bore me to death. And are not the right way to go about anything anyway i.m.o.

Believe it or not, im quite proud of my leaf! As this took... 4 attempts lol. I did a better painted one, but it was just a big boring forward facing leaf, this one looked a bit more interesting.

And that's a quick very messy unaccurately coloured doodle of my cat and a random background of something made up off the top of my head.

Thorpe park tomorrrowww!!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Learning to paint... from a primary school level

Today I decided to finally learn to paint, whilst also slowly losing the tiny bit of sanity I have left at the same time. Because painting is one thing I well and truely SUCK at, and have never made any progress in what so ever. No really, I actually found a painting I did at 7 years old the other day, and it looks no better than this recent attempt:

So I have decided that by the time I turn 20 (just under 2 weeks) I will at least be able to paint a little better than I could at the age of 7. Which probably means losing my temper a LOT and having numerous mental breakdowns until eventually deciding to cut off my ear to see if it actually helps at all.