Thursday, 8 July 2010

The only way to get it right is to first completely fuck it up!

Watercolour is not the right medium to paint small detailed things with, but I thought that if I was actually able to paint something really detailed using watercolour, it would make painting other things seem easy. However, there was one completely overlooked flaw in this plan; if I WAS already able to paint something hard using paint completely unsuited for the job, then there would be no point in doing all this to begin with. Therefore I am not sad that I can't as of yet paint a decent dragonfly:

Yes im copying from a photograph, which is baaaaaaad. But since i'm only doing it to practise painting so it's sorta okay. It's the thorpe park dragonfly! (Thorpe park is incredible, go there!)


  1. not a decent dragonfly my moustache!!! it's awesome!!!! I hate watercolours, they annoy me & make the paper go bobbly.

  2. i actually love them now lol :) took ages to get used to but slowly, what did you get for your animation? i actually got a mark despite not finishing/handing in the work lol re-doing it now, and making it the craziest thing EVER it starts with a nun turning into a carrot :) are you okay to come out with us fri? becky said we can stay at her house :) xxx

  3. oh wow that sounds ACE! I don't want to tell you, you'll just have to make do with me getting 'a good mark'. I am indeed okay for this weekend, waiting on my railcard getting here before I go & buy the discounted tickets though. Pugh might convince his parents to detour on the way back from the Isle of Wight to drop him off in Stoke on Saturday! & my parents are coming up for a bit on Sunday then taking me home. xxx