Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Took the vid off cause i'm not sure if its okay to put stuff other people made on here... not that it would be troublesome but like, copyright n all that. So heres the link anyway, to the only stop motion that has impressed me in quite sometime:


sexy right? wish we could do something cool like that for animation, instead of this stupid morphe thing. so far i've got a nun turning into a carrot and a church turning into steve irwin, because hey, if you're gona hav
e to do something you really don't wana do, you may aswell make it as interesting as possible. speaking of interesting as possible, redyed my hair yesterday and it is like twice as light and ginger as before now, i love it soooooo much. why the hell didn't think of this sooner?!

This bloody animation is taking forever, so i have no work to put on here. So instead, here is a picture of my cat:

Pretty boy :)

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  1. This is so weird!! & confusing. & I love the music a lot.