Saturday, 26 February 2011


Feel so bad for my Angie baby, she must be more even confused than usual, and she looks so sad! poor thing.

Hate seeing her like this, shes never been so quiet and well behaved, it's just weird.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Angelina Ballerina

Turns out my adorable little baby boy is actually a beautiful baby girl, aww... but my god the shock! Could not get back to wolverhampton fast enough! I made a banner in honour of her new gender. It's been a bit hard to concentrate on any actual work... but heres some doodle for a new brief we have of making a map.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Seafood association society!

Bit of a step of from a chocolate factory, although id rather have a choc factory because then you dont have to kill fishes.

Also recently descovered that i am shit at drawing mice, so thats something to fix before my awesome WORK PLACEMENTS IN LONDONN!!! lool as you can tell i'm playing it cool. its just so unbelievable that i actually got them. and an illustration one too which are pretty rare to find! deeead happy!!

Lol.. that should do it. Too bad I still can't paint for cheese.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

They say all successful artists are crazy

Therefore it is probably a good thing that i think i got posessed for a few hours today, and ended up with a pretty much finished advent calander sept for the numbers (maybe the ghost cant count, poor thing).

Not gonna worry.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Who says alcohol is bad for you?

Literally just got up - still drunk, grabbed a pen n did these about half an hour ago in bed. Crazy stuff.

It would appear drinking and drawing go hand in hand. Which means that if i actually make it as a professional illustrator im gona have to be drunk 24/7. Eh, that works.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Buy this!

Not a bad job for two illustration students who know nothing about advertising! We decided to aim the product at the parents of hyper young children who need to calm down and learn to count!

Comes with a free 'Stanley the sheep magnifying glass' so you can actually read the nutrition facts!
After the day we've had can't believe we actually managed to get it done. Now if you'll excuse me im off to get some martini to celebrate :)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Everythings wonddddderful :)

Even though the snowman didn't turn out well and i've gotta redo him tomorrow!
Couldnt get to a scanner so basically had to redraw him from scratch on photoshop.

But other than that its quite amazing how well things are going recently. I'm not used to this lool. Upon celebrating the wonderfulness of life my mate said to paint something random in 5 minutes using just black. Behold my drunken masterpiece. Ah im prob gona wake up tomorrow n remove this:


You'd think the most stressful part of uni is the work, but come 2nd symester and the most stressful part is choosing which group of friends to live with next year, then changing your mind at last minute and panicking about insulting people even though your flats are going to be right next to eachother anyway.

reeeeeeally cba to go into uni and colour this snowman. i need a day offf!!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dashing through the snoww

We're making visual guides on how to do certain tasks, mines "Building a snowman". My tutor suggested making a set of handmade christmas cards, so naturally i am making an advent calander instead. With simple step by step craft picture instructions inside each of the doors.

However stupidly i did not plan it out and ended up with only 24 stages loool... unless the 25th one is the snowman melting but that kinda takes the cheer away. Hm, im gona do a proper drawing for the front tomorrow, then find a way to make it into a giant advent calander. This brief is funnnn!! :)

Friday, 11 February 2011

Chocolate 'Baah'

We are so not calling it that. Gone back to one of our early designs now, since the previous ones didn't relate enough to dreams. I drew like 20 different styled sheep yesterday. Spent today trying to adapt them to clouds, im probably better at drawing the sheep in all honesty. Cassie's the computer wizz.


Some basic drawings to show
various styles and compositions. Since we need at least one decent one by monday. And a less stupid name!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Reverie semi final designs

Latest designs for our chocolate, we're coming up with new ones by the day it's hard to decide.

Also we've avoided 3 crits in a row now, so have absolutely no idea what our tutors are gona think of the designs lool... just sorta running with it.

Year of the fly :)

Probably the only Annual Fly calander in the world, and i made it :)
I tried to make it as gross as physically possible :D but its prob best not to post some of the pages so heres some of the milder ones:

Photos were taken in and around stoke and stafford junkyard, with a little help from photoshop. designed it on illustrator andd used a BINDING MACHINE to put it together. Although the binder could be better i need to find a more professional way to do it. As for hanging it on the wall, im working on it!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Reverie and Keverie

Few quick designs for our chocolate packaging (which we think is gona be a circular tin of white chocolates) Reverie meaning dream, cause it tastes good you will actually dream about it! The pattern is based on a dream catcher as is the feather but also could be from a pillow. Cassie drew the feather n i drew the dream catcher, both in illustrator.

I realllly wanna make the chocolates too cause how impressive would that be! Perhaps if we have time, white choc could be hard though cause a lot of the cheap stuff tastes a bit weird.
Also made Kevin his birthday card :) He's finally double decades! He gave me a chocolate that he'd made from scratch, and im not gona lie... it was DISGUSTING!
So i spat it out in the skip.

Meow x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Our course is weirddd

Or perhaps it's just me.
First idea design for fly thingamajig:

Second idea, making a gravestone. cause how hard can it be?

Gona be up quite late tonight, since i spent all day pissing about in stafford... but it was worth it :)