Saturday, 12 February 2011

Dashing through the snoww

We're making visual guides on how to do certain tasks, mines "Building a snowman". My tutor suggested making a set of handmade christmas cards, so naturally i am making an advent calander instead. With simple step by step craft picture instructions inside each of the doors.

However stupidly i did not plan it out and ended up with only 24 stages loool... unless the 25th one is the snowman melting but that kinda takes the cheer away. Hm, im gona do a proper drawing for the front tomorrow, then find a way to make it into a giant advent calander. This brief is funnnn!! :)


  1. holy cow you've practically FINISHED!!

  2. nah that was the easy part lol :) gotta christmas it up, this is such a happy project dont you just love christmas?? hows your shoe laces coming along? you should update your blogspot more often! xx

  3. erm yeah... if only I had anything to show lol. am going to put up some pictures of our packaging prototypes now we've photographed them. will post shoelaces when I've actually done anything but RESEARCH haha! xx