Friday, 4 February 2011

Reverie and Keverie

Few quick designs for our chocolate packaging (which we think is gona be a circular tin of white chocolates) Reverie meaning dream, cause it tastes good you will actually dream about it! The pattern is based on a dream catcher as is the feather but also could be from a pillow. Cassie drew the feather n i drew the dream catcher, both in illustrator.

I realllly wanna make the chocolates too cause how impressive would that be! Perhaps if we have time, white choc could be hard though cause a lot of the cheap stuff tastes a bit weird.
Also made Kevin his birthday card :) He's finally double decades! He gave me a chocolate that he'd made from scratch, and im not gona lie... it was DISGUSTING!
So i spat it out in the skip.

Meow x

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