Tuesday, 20 July 2010


BEST birthday ever, it was amazing! Celebrated it twice, once in stafford and stoke with uni friends and again back home (babylon!!) Got some awesome handmade cards, go look on my facebook summer folder www.facebook.com/... ok wait i dont know it, just search my name! they're so funny! That alone made it amazing, and i already felt like the luckiest, happiest person alive! so just imagine how ecstatic i was when my bro and danni turned up at my house with this gorgeous little thing:

He's so wonderful, i've named him Angelo. Hes completely insane and so soooo hyper! I tried to cartoonize him but its not a millionth as cute, i'll do a better one when i have more time as my friend is coming to visit him in a moment and i need to tidy up :)

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