Sunday, 14 March 2010

Samsung Jet

It's been pretty hectic since Thursday night upon which i left my beloved samsung in a taxi and tried everything possible to retrieve it! Overall though things worked out for the better; new phone with more call time messages and unlimited internet, tons more memory, and best of all I have a new number so no more texts from stalkers (thank god) :) Anyone who's spoken to me recently will know my thoughts on Alice in wonderland so lets not go into it! At the end of the day I had to see it for myself to judge, so it wasn't a complete waste. Although we did get fireworks thrown at us near cineworld (missing by about 2 feet!) which just makes me believe even more that wolves is much much worse than sunny Stoke on Trent! Was good having 3 baths however :) I saw this cheetah in the bubbles, been dying to draw him all day haha... I should really get some uni work done.

Did I mention I sort of met the guy who designed the models for Tim Burton's corpse bride? Oh and heres an Ancient Assyrian I drew a while back... lol, random.

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