Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Curry

In the social sense, this easter holiday's been awesome. However I have done almost no work, which is a big problem considering I have two weeks after returning to uni to finish a 30 second (currently 11 second) animation, and a giant mosaic (which is incredibly boring to make, no wonder theres no mosaic artists around nowadays) Still I wanted to update this thing, so heres some of my work from art foundation. It's a few pages from my gothic version of 'Little Red Riding Hood', made by using everything from hot chocolate to feathers, fake ones might i add.

I decided to bring Red to an agonising death, having her eaten alive by her own grandmother and pet wolf. They didn't comment upon the taste of her, but I'm guessing she probably tasted something like chicken korma.


  1. I love it!!! your art foundation must have been so much cooler than mine... & I'd swap you mosaic for layout & composition any day!

  2. our foundation course sucked lol :( we were basically put in a room and told to "just do whatever" for the entire year, only getting feedback on any work we had done at the very end when it was time for our interviews! haha okay to be honest layout doesn't sound very enthralling (is that a word?) our modules for next year sound much more fun.. urm, i mean useful :)