Sunday, 2 May 2010

The craziest week of my LIFE

Last week was so insane it's difficult to even type about it. In short, lots of drama, lots of breaking things (including an oven), lots of terrorizing the neighbours and getting in trouble with grace after she was here for ONE night! lol seriously if we were at uni together no doubt we'd be kicked out within a week. It has been both the best and the worst week of my life, switching between the two every other minute haha.

Most artistic thing I've done recently:
(bottom of the card has been cut off cause i dont want certain people seeing it)

How nice am i ....

not very muhahahaha.

And we've already been caught for this (on cctv LOL) so may as well include it:

Oh and don't worry if you don't know the lyrics, we wrote em down for you!

Sorry for the blurryness.

Anndd heres the least artistic thing i've done this week, my mailer. After weeks of "Screw it im not making a mailer its stupid!" I finally managed to get something done, at the very last minute:

Longest blog everrrr, it's been a pretty damn crazy week.

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  1. I should point out to anyone else reading this that EVERYTHING Michaela made this week was AMAZING!!