Sunday, 20 June 2010

love n hate

Our Summer dating scheme is not as fun as i thought it would be. After 2 attempts all i've descovered is how bloody boring some people are and how bloody incompatible i am! It's pretty frustrating, one more date and im giving up and going back to my spontaneous hussy ways. Last night i had a fun little mental breakdown:

However despite wasting hours of my life on people im destined to hate, summer is still pretty brilliant. Especially alton towers :)
Heres some doodles from the skyrail thingy:

Going to Thorpe park next month! Saw mazeeee :D


  1. you have a summer dating scheme?! that sounds awesome!!! how/where do you find people to set up? also the garden at alton towers is lovely, especially the tower-waterfally-thing in the lake. even if the witnesses had to sit in a boat to watch, that'd be a gorgeous place to get married heh. miss you little mad one xx

  2. aw yeah its pretty, it would be fun getting married on a boat, you should look into that lol :P date scheme is not all that awesome tbh :( basically me n 2 friends are setting eachother up with people. like with our individual friends/relatives and people from their colleges/my work, so as not to be single by september lol. but i must be soooo fussy cause theyre all so like... crap haha. miss you too :( we should all go to alton towers at somepoint during term time when its not so crowded xxxx