Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Santa baby...

It's very sad if you actually noticed, but I didn't post anything yesterday breaking the chain. This my friends is because i actually do have a life. And during this busy busy life of mayhem and adventure, i rarely get much shut eye. And when i do manage to sleep, i dream of things like following cheryl cole around blackpool. Oh and this:

I certainly hope theres a module next year about using things out of context, as there are 3 main things messed up about this drawing. For one thing, why would santa be in a department store? Secondly, he's taking something into a department store instead of taking something out, and thirdly... well i think that ones pretty in-your-face. My unconcious mind just so happens to be sexually confused. lol, definately only my 'unconcious' mind though.

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