Sunday, 17 October 2010

My first ever attempt at stain glass!

This week, we visited Stoke Minster. It was amazing! Although i'm not religious in the slightest, i've always loved churches. They're just so cool. I wanted to get across that the atmosphere was tranquil and yet eerie:

The blue image is a crucifix with white feathers (dove feathers) representing peace, the red image is a crucifix with black/dark blue feathers (raven feathers) representing creepiness/fright.
I would've liked to have done something cool with the ivy if i had more time. It is made with actual glass and ledding, which will go black in time. Now all i gotta do is carry them down the road to uni without breaking them!


  1. fuck me these are awesome!!!! where did the wood come from? x

  2. found it lol :) they ain't that good, barbera didn't like the ivy :(x

  3. I know I heard. I don't like Barbara. That evens it out :) x