Thursday, 4 November 2010

Friend or Foe

Uploading this now as i'm probably going to mess it up in a minute. Not sure whether to detail the tanks or keep them simplified, maybe replace the stars with a pawprint or add one on somewhere? Also not keen on the type might just remove that altogether... hmm decisions decisions lol. The animals are my 3 faves from the previous sketch; moose, badger and obviously the fox.

For the Potteries museum, the idea was that the museum tells history of humans and also animals, such as using still lifes of war related objects as well as animals been stuffed and positioned to show what they used to be doing when they were still alive (many of them were fighting/killing eachother, even rabbits!). There were signs near each animal showing whether or not it was tame i.e Friend or Foe. I also thought the butterflies with spots on their wings looked a lot like jet planes. There were many references to war in the stuffed animal section aswell as the human history section.

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