Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Happy as a zebra?

God these took forever. I originally made 10, but only 5 came out right. And I can't paint so they dont even look like clams. Dammit.

How the hell am i going to fit an entire annual into 5 clams anyway? Why do i always pick the most stupidly difficult things to do?? I need to just get a pen and some decent colours, and sit down and draw the annual like a normal illustration student. Thinking of what would actually be possible to do, instead of what would look cool IF i could do it. Self evaluation: "stop kidding yourself and draw some shit."


  1. noooooooo these are ACES, how big are they? I won't see them today as I am going to be watching opera & experimenting with expressive ink drawing... or something...

  2. omg you actually went to the opera thats soo cool!!! and the ink thing aswell, sounds fun! urm theyre quite big but mark wants me to make one massive one tonight... um, yay lol x