Thursday, 21 April 2011

Easter "Holiday"

Because this is hardly a holiday at all considering i have been sober for the most of it! Being back in wolves is actually quite nice and a lot less boring than i remembered. Managed to get some work done, not much though. Before the hols we got assigned 3rd years who we had to find and talk to about what 3rd year is like etc, then write a report on the discussion. Heres the first 2 pages of mine.

We don't actually get graded on the presentation, but it was nice to just be able to doodle crazily to make something look more interesting. Too bad the essay has to be all dull and serious hey, might wrap mine in crime tape just to be a bit spontanious (it's about Design against Crime)


  1. It's fantastic & fun as usual Michaela!! :) I also like the crime tape idea hehe xx

  2. so when do we get to see your visual diary? :D x