Friday, 9 November 2012

Hanging in there.

I have done lots of drawing lately just not got around to this Blog, think may start a new one now am graduate but keep this for good private memories... actually nah scratch that. Here's some proof.

Urm here's a lil issue I have. 50% of my drawing is cute and light hearted, and 50% is totally demented. Wish I could choose between these two immense opposites but, it's fun to draw happy things when you're happy, and violent stuff when life throws it's little flaming hurdles at your face. But I shall try and keep the messed up work for personal venting... one thing I've found I like doing however is making black n white sketches with BRIGHT red blood. Like okay it's not photogenic al blood but I think it's a pretty badass contrast. Urm... babble. E.g.

Wow wrote more in this one post than the rest of my blog put together. Happy scissoring.

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